Fuel Your Body - What is the hardest part of your fitness/nutrition journey? Mine is consistency!!!! Being consistent with working out 6 days a week (my personal goal) and maintaining my clean eating habits on the weekend (SERIOUSLY, why is it so hard). But with each week I am improving with my consistency with the help of logging my… Continue reading Fuel Your Body
Control Your Mind - I know that I promised updates during my 8-week Muse Challenge but once we started the challenge I realized that we were going to be discussing a lot of personal topics that I would rather not share at this time. I would like to discuss an important topic that was discussed during my challenge, the… Continue reading Control Your Mind
JUST LIVE!! - We have successfully completed Quarter 1 without GIVING UP!!!!!!!!! I am proud that I didn’t give up on my journey but I am not excited where I am in my progress so I was extremely hesitant to post my progress pictures (hence the time lag from my March picture).  I decided to post regardless of… Continue reading JUST LIVE!!
THE RESULTS - I completed my first 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse (GSC) on 2/10/16!!! While I am proud that I completed the JJ Smith’s GSC, I believe that 10 days was excessive. Here is a quick summary of my GSC journey: Day 1-2 I was so excited to start the GSC that the anticipation gave me the motivation… Continue reading THE RESULTS
HAPPY DRINKING - TIME TO DETOX I hope everyone finished January just as strong as you started! If not, that’s ok (we will blame Jonas) today marks a beginning of a new day and month. I have decided to begin February with a cleanse because after one month into my journey I feel like I am not making… Continue reading HAPPY DRINKING
Reflecting on my Environment - I would like to begin this week with sharing what I have learned about myself, physical environment, social environment, and cognitive environment through my period of self-reflection. – Physical environment– Foods that are visible and easily accessible to me cues my poor eating habits. For example, let’s look at a typical Saturday– I am usually… Continue reading Reflecting on my Environment
Welcome to Tailored Lifestyle! - I remember learning about Kwanzaa when I was in Elementary school and my favorite principle was always: “Kujichagulia: Self Determination – To define ourselves, name ourselves, create for ourselves and speak for ourselves.” When we don’t know ourselves we find ourselves seeking guidance and validation of true self from other people such as family, friends,… Continue reading Welcome to Tailored Lifestyle!