About Nurish

Nurish is written by Melissa Taylor, a newly certified Nutrition and Wellness Counselor.

Nurish Mission is to discuss LIFEstyle changes by sharing my personal journey of taking control of my nutrition, fitness, and happiness. We all know of the many theories of how to become and live healthy but I will share with you how I have and will tailor nutrition and fitness into my daily lifestyle and make it my own. Nurish isn’t written to criticize anyone’s path, tell you how to live, or what foods you should eliminate from your diet.

Nurish’s Goal is to assist readers on their wellness journey by the openness of my journeys success and failures so that you are aware of mistakes that I have made and that I will make. Lifestyle changes are hard to make and sometimes we need accountability partners, I want to be your virtual accountability partner so that we could achieve together.

Don’t worry Tailored Lifestyle won’t be all nutritional and fitness, it will encompass a variety of things.