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Seven things you need to know when choosing the right birth control method!!

  1. You don’t have to settle for the pill! 

While the birth control pill is still a viable option, there are sooo many options now. From NuvaRing, Depo Provera and long acting reversible contraception such as Nexplanon, Mirena and Paragard.

  1. What do I do if I miss one of my birth control pills?

If a single pill is missed anywhere in the packet, the forgotten pill needs to be taken when noticed and the next pill is taken when it is due, which may mean taking two pills on the same day. No additional contraception is required. Back-up contraception is generally needed if two or more consecutive hormonal pills are missed

  1. Will Depo Provera make me gain weight???

A lot of women say, “No I do not want Depo because it will make me gain weight!” What I tell them is that there are no clear studies that link weight gain and Depo Provera. Studies have reported variable effects on weight gain and Depo Provera, because we do not know if the weight gain is irrespective of contraceptive use. When comparing Depo to oral contraceptive pills studies has shown no significant difference between the two. One study showed that the mean weight gain at 6 or 12 months was less than 2 kg (4.4 lb). So, in the end I tell my patients that if they do gain weight it will likely not be a lot of weight and once the Depo is discontinued the weight gain (IF ANY) will resolve.

  1. Nexplanon, Mirena and Paragard. Oh my!!!!

These are all long acting reversible contraceptives or LARCs for short. The premise of these birth control options are that they are a hands off way of protecting yourself against pregnancy. You place them and then you forget them.  So what are they exactly you ask?

Nexplanon is an implant that is placed right underneath of the skin in your upper arm. It has a derivative of progesterone in it and stays in place for 3 years.  

Intrauterine Device 

Mirena is a T shaped device that is placed inside of your uterus. It has a derivative of progesterone as well and last for 5 years.

Paragard is also T shaped but has no hormone. It is the only LARC that does not have progesterone, but copper. It lasts for 10 years.

  1. I don’t want another baby right now!!! HELLPPPP! 

So you just gave birth to a precious little baby! You love on them, stare at their beautiful face, but right now you couldn’t fathom another beautiful bundle of joy. Well, I’m here to help! All birth control methods are safe to use after pregnancy. Some can just be started a little bit more immediately than others. Any progesterone only method (i.e.  Progesterone only pills, Depo and even the LARCs) can be started immediately after birth and will not affect your capabilities of breast feeding. So protect away!! As far as combined oral contraceptive pills, studies have shown that starting them 4 weeks after delivery.

  1. What are the most common types of birth control?

Combined Oral contraceptive Pill (OCP), Nuvaring, Depo Provera, IUDs (like Mirena and Paragard)

  1. So…..I’m not going to get pregnant while on this right? I’m safe? right?

No birth control method is 100% effective, however with perfect use most are greater than 99% effective. Below you will find a list of birth control and the effectiveness with perfect use as compared to actual use (taking into consideration human error and other non ideal factors)


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