We have successfully completed Quarter 1 without GIVING UP!!!!!!!!!

I am proud that I didn’t give up on my journey but I am not excited where I am in my progress so I was extremely hesitant to post my progress pictures (hence the time lag from my March picture).  I decided to post regardless of how I felt because showing only the good in my journey would only be hiding the true struggles that we are faced with when trying to lose weight and become a better you!

So let’s briefly recap my first quarter and the goals that I have set:  No ALCOHOL, no meats (I became a pescatarian so I only consume seafood all thanks to my friend Chanae -_-), consume my required amount of water, work out 6 days a week, get 8 hours of sleep, and limit my carbohydrates (carbs) and sugar intake.

So here is my 1st Quarter reveal………………………………

IMG_5107 (1)

The goals that I have mentioned above sounds on point but here is my reality: I have consistently consumed carbs from eating such things like sushi (usually shrimp tempura – white rice and fried shrimp), special K cereal (high in carbs and sugar), yogurt covered raisins (high in sugar), ate some chips, and I consumed 4 alcoholic drinks (two were red wine).

The Muse Challenge

As mentioned in my first blog, I am a certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant so documenting my journey and figuring out what lifestyle works for me would ultimately give me the knowledge to assist others in their journey.  But I can’t do it alone so I am excited to have an amazing mentor in Ms. Tasha Manigo-Bizzell owner of the Muse Wellness Center (  Ms. Bizzell has been active in health and wellness for nearly 20 years and has been a professional educator and trainer for over 18 years. Ms. Bizzell has a Muse challenge that she puts her clients through to assist them in creating the life they want.  I am excited that Ms. Bizzell has asked to participate in her challange so that I could get a sense of how a wellness program is designed and gain the necessary experience that would help me develop my own program to assist my future clients!!

During the Muse Challenge, I will be guided through 8 weeks that will focus on a different aspect of my personal wellness with weekly exercises to complete.  I will receive 8 weekly one-on-one personal wellness coaching sessions complete with nutrition education; personal lifestyle assessment; specific dietary and behavior modification strategies to improve overall health; and develop a customized wellness plan.

During my 8-weeks I will try to share with my readers at least one key take-away from my one-on-one sessions. Week one’s key take-away:

  •   I need to ditch all my “rules and regulations” that I created for myself and just LIVE!  (yes she recommended that I get rid of my “do not eat” list).

Why? During my session, I learned that I have anxiety that stems from me living in the future and not experiencing and living in my present.  I tend to put extreme limitations on myself, for example, my goal that I set stating that I am NOT going to drink alcohol or eat carbs until I hit my goal weight.  I initially called these goals but I was actually putting restrictions on myself and putting myself on a diet instead of incorporating a lifestyle change. As I stated above I haven’t been successful in either restriction during the 1st quarter.  Therefore, when I indulge on an item on my “do not eat” list I immediately think about how it will affect my future self by thinking “ugh, I am never going to meet my goal weight by my birthday now” or “This is going to push my timeline back a week because I had this bread”.  This mindset then causes stress and we all know that stress could cause weight gain or weight maintenance; the opposite of the results that I am looking for.  Doing away with my rules and regulations will be hard for me because they have been incorporated in my weight-loss structure for so long but I am developing a lifestyle so this is all a part of learning how to change and incorporate healthy changes.  Instead of having an abundance of rules and regulations I need to enjoy my journey and TRUST myself that you will not go overboard.

“The difference between making this a diet and making this a lifestyle is what you do when you “mess up”.  If it’s a diet, you’ll throw in the towel after one mistake.  If it’s a lifestyle, you realize that you aren’t perfect and you simply do better at the next meal.  The difference is really that simple”

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