I completed my first 10-day Green Smoothie Cleanse (GSC) on 2/10/16!!! While I am proud that I completed the JJ Smith’s GSC, I believe that 10 days was excessive. Here is a quick summary of my GSC journey:

Day 1-2

I was so excited to start the GSC that the anticipation gave me the motivation to start the challenge strong. The first two days were a breeze, the smoothie recipes tasted amazing and I was prepared for the day with my approved snacks (carrots, boiled eggs, and an apple with peanut butter (one with less than 5 grams of sugar).

Day 3 -4

By the third day of the challenge, my excitement started to dwindle and I started to become very irritable with everyone and everything that crossed my path (being stuck at work an hour and a half late and then hitting traffic on the way home definitely didn’t help). Day four smoothie was not tasteful and I could only get my breakfast smoothie down (please keep in mind that I was still irritable from yesterday, so I had an “I don’t care” attitude at this point). Instead of drinking my lunch and dinner smoothies, I opted to eat my approved snacks throughout the day.

Day 5

“YESSS, today’s smoothie is!!!!!”

Thankfully the fifth smoothie recipe was DELICIOUS because my CEO offered to order Thai food for the office (FREE FOOD always taste better too). I actually had to seek my support system during the collection of food orders throughout the office. Once their food orders arrived, I was asked on three separate occasions to join them in the conference room to eat lunch (who in their right mind would sit and watch a room full of people eat lunch when you have been drinking smoothies for 5 days?). Did I mention that I LOVE THAI FOOD!! So instead of joining my coworkers in the conference room for lunch, I sat at my desk and drank my tasteful smoothie lunch, PROUD MOMENT!!

Day 6-7 (The Weekend)

Finally the weekend!! Like most people, the weekends are usually the hardest point in any cleanse or diet because we are usually so busy with activities such as catching up and going out with friends and family, usually over a meal and drinks that we lose sight of our goals. But this weekend was SUPER BOWL SUNDAY so that alone made this challenge intense, “why did I choose to start the challenge on 2/1 again, ugh?”

Big shout out to JJ Smith for making the weekend smoothies tasteful!!! Because I was determined to stay on track and complete the challenge, I made the decision to not attend any Super Bowl parties (Thanks again to my friend who came over to watch the game with me!). I was asked by some the reason why I decided to not attend any parties that weekend. My response to that questions is that I know my weaknesses and I wasn’t mentally prepared to be in that atmosphere.

I made it through the weekend!!!

Day 8-10

“This really should have been a 7 day cleanse -_-“.

By the eighth day I was over the repetitiveness of only consuming smoothies for all three meals. But I am no quitter! I got through the eighth and ninth days with no issue, but the tenth day wasn’t good. Just like the fourth day, the recipe for the tenth day was not tasteful and I struggle through my breakfast smoothie (ugh my sisters texted me to warn me about this recipe but I didn’t see the texts). I thought about just giving up after tasting the smoothies, but I was on the last day of the GSC so it would have been pointless to give up at the end. Instead of drinking the lunch and dinner smoothies, I snacked on boiled eggs, carrots, and chopped apples & cucumbers drizzled with lite raspberry vinaigrette (my favorite snack throughout this challenge).

Note to Ms. JJ Smith,

Please think about revising the fourth and tenth recipe in the GSC book. Both of these smoothies involve Kale along with other vegetables and fruits, however they do not taste good.

GSC Participant

My experience on the GSC was more of a mental challenge rather than a physical challenge because I never got to a point of starvation or lack of energy (by consuming a snack or smoothie every 3-4 hours) but I became very irritable and experienced moments where I wanted to give up because the smoothie wasn’t as tasteful as I would have wanted it to be.

Results of being on the GSC?? I lost a total of 10.6 pounds (I am sure I will re-gain some of these pounds back since I am incorporating solid foods back into my daily routine) but other than the pounds I am glad that I participated and completed the challenge and I would recommend others to try as well for other reasons. My energy level improved, my face started to clear up, and my cravings for sweets and fried foods has been reduced. The GSC also gave me the opportunity to experience and come to the realization that your body only needs the six classes of nutrients (Carbohydrates, Fat, Protein, Water, Minerals, and Vitamins) in order to operate. Three of those nutrients are considered essential nutrients (Carbohydrates, Fat, and Protein) that must be obtained from foods which can be found in most fruits and vegetables.

Life After the Cleanse

After completing the challenge, I have a different outlook and put a different value on the foods that I consume. Going forward, I will still incorporate the smoothies into my daily routine for breakfast and will increase my vegetable intake by having a healthy lunch and dinner (I will still have days where I have a second smoothie for dinner).

We are 15 days into the daily water intake challenge!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is getting their daily intake of water in and that drinking your water is becoming easier as the days go by. Feel free to send me pictures of you getting your water in by using #livetailored

Stay updated with me daily by following me on Instagram at @livetailored!!

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